Frequently Asked Questions​


An order can be placed on the internet from our website, by e-mail, phone call or personal visit to any of our offices.

You can pay to one of our banks (available on request) or to our office. Special arrangement is made for big cash payment. Payment by debit card is now possible at our Head Office and would soon be available on our website as soon as the coast is clear about the stability of all the available platforms as our site is already enabled for e-payment but only waiting for final link.

All products bought from us have manufacturers' warranty and they are covered according to this warranty. In case of faults after warranty period, we still assist you in maintaining your equipment at affordable costs.

We are partners to major manufacturers and suppliers and as such you are assured of the best warranty possible in the market place.

We have arrangements to deliver goods to destinations within and outside Nigeria at the expense of the customer. As we do this regularly, the costs are minimal and as such, our customers are saved the extra costs, risks and effort of coming to our offices.

We still welcome our customers who decide to visit our offices.

We are a stockiest for all genuine products, if our quality assurance division confirms your product to be standard of course we will add yours to our products.

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